Everything Salmon Grain Bowl
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Test Kitchen Approved Recipe

The key to an amazing one-bowl meal is variety. The myriad of aromas, colors, and textures in this healthful bowl make every bite a fresh fusion of flavors.

4 servings

Active Prep: 20 min
Cook: 30 min

  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 cup jasmine rice
  • 1/2 cup red quinoa
  • 1 Tbsp. Freeze Dried Shallots
  • 1/2 lb. boneless, skinless salmon fillet
  • 2 tsp. olive oil, divided
  • 1 Tbsp. Brooklyn Everything Bagel Blend
  • 2 carrots, peeled and cut into matchsticks
  • 1 cup shelled edamame
  • 8 oz. crimini mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • 2 tsp. pickled ginger, thinly sliced (optional)
  • Citrus Soy Sauce

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This recipe is featured in Spice Club, Savory’s spice of the month club. Here are substitution suggestions for adapting the recipe to different palates: Vegetarian/Vegan: Omit salmon and add an additional 8 oz. of fresh mushrooms such as oyster or shitake to your vegetable blend.


Combine water and salt in a large pot and bring to a rolling boil. Add rice, quinoa, and shallots to boiling water. Reduce temperature to simmer and cover. Cook 15 to 20 min., or until grain is tender. Meanwhile, place salmon in a large zip top bag and seal. Use a mallet or rolling pin to gently pound the fillets out until about 1/3-inch thick. Heat 1 tsp. oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Remove salmon from bag, add to skillet, and cook for 2 to 3 min., or until cooked through. Sprinkle Everything Bagel Blend over salmon and stir to combine, breaking the salmon into flakes. Transfer salmon to a plate. Heat 1 tsp. olive oil over medium-high heat in the same skillet (without cleaning it out). Add carrots, edamame, and mushrooms to skillet and cook while stirring constantly for about 4 to 5 min., or until tender. To serve, spoon mixed grain into the center of a bowl. Surround with salmon, vegetable mixture, sliced avocado, and optional pickled ginger.


Drizzle with Citrus Soy Sauce.

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