Use in place of plain ketchup for a little South American or Southwestern flair.



*Family Style Fajita Seasoning can be used in place of Chimichurri. Add Garlic Salt just to taste if using Family Style Fajita Seasoning.


Mix Chimichurri (or Fajita) and ½ cup water together in medium saucepan and let it rehydrate for at least 10 min. Whisk in vinegar, water and tomatoes, thoroughly blending together, then stir in Garlic Salt and brown sugar. Place saucepan over medium-low heat and simmer for about 20 min., stirring frequently, until the mixture cooks down and thickens to desired consistency. Caution: This will bubble and splatter quite a bit. Allow mixture to cool before serving. Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator and use within a couple of weeks.

Serving Suggestions

Use in place of plain ketchup for a little South American or Southwestern flair. It’s delicious in meatloaf, either stirred into the meat mixture and/or as a glaze on top.


2 cups

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5 stars 10/8/16 jpb_92075
I love this stuff! It makes a fantastic alternative to plain old ketchup in so many ways! I used a little more sweetener than called for in the recipe, using turbinado rather than the sucanat (I had some turbinado in the house for another recipe). Next time I will try it with ordinary dark brown sugar to see what happens. Would love to hear others thoughts on the topic as well.