Inspired by Mexican cabbage slaw, or curtido, we replaced the traditional vinegar and jalapeños with our Hot Pepper Vinegar Barbecue Sauce. The veggies wilt down in the spicy dressing and add a heat and tang to tacos or BBQ sandwiches.



Combine cabbage and onion in a medium bowl. Roughly chop carrot strips and add to bowl. Add Hot Pepper Vinegar and spices. Toss to thoroughly coat. Cover and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours before serving. Toss slaw every half hour or so to keep all the veggies coated in dressing. The slaw will wilt into a tangy, quick-pickled salad. Use within a few days.

Serving Suggestions

Perfect for street style tacos. Use as a topping for your favorite BBQ sandwich.


2 to 3 cups slaw

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