The best part of waking up is having your coffee all ready to go. We like that you can experiment with different ingredients, so the recipe never gets old.



Feel free to change the flavor by varying the type of sugar (Spiced Vanilla Bean Sugar, Black Onyx Chocolate Sugar) and cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon etc.) Even if you don't usually drink your coffee sweetened, give this a try - it's subtly sweet and very refreshing.


In a large jar or pitcher, mix coffee, sugar, and cinnamon. Add cold water and stir until thoroughly blended. Seal container. Let sit 8 to 12 hours either on the counter or in the fridge. When it's ready, stir again then strain through a fine mesh sieve into another container or pitcher.

Serving Suggestions

Serve over ice and add milk if desired.


4 servings

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Lia Moran, friend of Savory Spice

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5 stars 7/30/15 Ronnie
Great recipe! The only thing I would suggest is making the ice cubes out of coffee too--keeps your iced coffee from become diluted. I've done it for years!
Test Kitchen Response: Great idea for making ice cubes out of the chilled coffee! Thanks for the tip.