Add a little Mediterranean flair to salmon salad with this easy customer submitted recipe.



Mix mayonnaise with lemon juice, Za'Atar, and salt. Add salmon and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle with cilantro and serve with celery sticks and pita chips on the side.


1 serving

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Hollis Evon Ramsey, Savory Spice Online customer

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Za'Atar Seasoning 1 oz bag $2.75
Maldon Sea Salt $10.00



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5 stars 7/9/16 hollis517
This is my recipe. I don't expect anyone to love it because of the incredible amount of za'atar in it, but it's for za'atar lovers, that's for sure. if you are one, you'll really like this salad.
Test Kitchen Response: We love Za'Atar in the Savory Spice Test Kitchen, so I'm sure we will love this salad. Thanks for submitting it!