Move over onion soup mix! Make your own version of onion dip using several of our dehydrated and freeze-dried onion products.



Combine the seven dry onion ingredients into sour cream (or yogurt). Chill for at least an hour before serving. Use mayonnaise to thin to desired consistency (if desired). Serve with chips and/or veggies.


2 cups

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Onion, White, Dehydrated: Minced 1 oz bag $2.15
Shallots, Freeze Dried 1/2 oz bag $4.30
Chives 1/2 oz bag $4.75
Scallions, Freeze-Dried 1/2 oz bag $3.65
Supreme Shallot Salt 2 oz bag $2.90
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5 stars 2/26/17 Bun
Addicted to this dip, I make a batch every week and keep finding more ways to use. Can't wait to serve it at my Bunco party.