With different flavored sugars and spice combinations, you can take your whiskey cocktails in so many creative directions with these easy infusion instructions.



Choose one of the spice infusion options. Combine sugar, water, and spices for the infusion in a small saucepan. Simmer over medium heat just until the sugar has dissolved, about 3 min. Let syrup cool to room temperature. Pour syrup (with spices) into a 2-cup jar with a lid. Add whiskey, seal jar, and gently shake to combine. Let sit in a cool, dark spot at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours depending on how strong you want the infusion to be. Taste after 24 hours and decide if you want to go longer. Strain infused whiskey into a clean container and discard the spice material. Return whiskey back to the jar. Sip and enjoy! Can be stored at room temperature.

Serving Suggestions

Sip infusion on its own or use as the base for your favorite whiskey cocktails. Try Chipotle-Orange with lime juice for a margarita, Espresso-Maple with cream for a "latte" cocktail, and Mulled-Vanilla with red wine and sparkling water for a sangria.


2 cups

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5 stars 6/19/17 suzykklein
What creative flavors! Love the chipotle-orange.