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White Popcorn with Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Seasoning

White Popcorn with Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Seasoning

10.6oz - $6.50 $3.90

In partnership with the Women’s Bean Project and available for a limited time only, our new popcorn flavors make a perfect snack for movie time, game time, or just when you need a sweet or savory snack. These specialty-sourced Amish popcorn kernels paired with unique and amazing flavorings run circles around the popcorn bags you buy in stores. Read our blog to learn more about our partnership with the Women's Bean Project.

Our peppermint sugar is the base of this festive flavor. We added a touch of our dark and rich black cocoa and balanced it with a pinch of salt. We took the extra step of powdering the final sugar so every granule can be absorbed into the popcorn. Simply heat oil on the stove and add the popcorn kernels, or use an air popper. Pop to perfection and finish with a dusting of the included Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Seasoning for an extraordinary snacking experience.

Nutritional Information
Black Pepper-Free

White Popcorn with Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Seasoning - Nutrition Facts

Ingredients: white popcorn, Peppermint Vanilla Bean Sugar (white sugar, vanilla extract, peppermint extract, peppermint oil), Black Onyx Cocoa Powder, salt.

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