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Better Baking

Spice Gift Sets for Bakers

Better Baking Spice Gift Sets from Savory Spice
Better Baking, $41.95

Our Better Baking Gift Set contains eight of our most popular baking essentials.  As great gift idea for bakers, we grind the cinnamon and ginger weekly to assure freshness and our pure almond and vanilla extracts are a must to increase the flavor of all baked treats. So preheat the oven and clear out the kitchen–your bake-a-thon is about to begin!

This gift set contains the following products in small glass jars (2floz):

Ground Saigon Cinnamon

Organic Ginger

Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract

Natural Cocoa Powder

Organic Pure Almond Extract

Baking Spice

Minced Lemon Peel

Pure Maple Sugar

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