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Hot Pack

Specialty Set

Hot Pack Hot Sauce Gift Set from Savory Spice
Hot Sauce Gift Set  

Hot Sauce Gift Set - $33.95
5 floz Bottles


If you’re looking to heat things up, then this hot sauce set is for you. Start on the mild side with Mango and Caribbean Lime, then jump right in to the fire with Red Habanero and Ghost Chile.

Mango is an adventurous sauce that's great on fish and chicken. Caribbean Lime has a blast of lime and a quick bite of Serrano chiles. Red Habanero is very hot but very flavorful. And we encourage you to use caution when using the Ghost Chile, as it is made with real Ghost Chiles and is hot, hot, hot!

This gift set contains the following products in 5 floz glass bottles:

Red Habanero Hot Sauce

Ghost Chile Hot Sauce

Mango Hot Sauce

Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce


Red Habanero Hot Sauce: Habanero chile peppers, water, vinegar, garlic, lime juice, salt, xanthan gum (natural thickener)

Ghost Chile Hot Sauce: Chile peppers (ghost, habanero), water, vinegar, garlic, salt, xanthan gum (natural thickener)

Mango Hot Sauce: Fruit puree (pineapple, mango), water, vinegar, sugar, habanero chile pepper, salt, xanthan gum (natural thickener), turmeric

Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce: Green serrano peppers, lime, vinegar, sugar and salt.

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Hot Pack

Hot Pack - Hot Sauce Gift Set

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