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We Are Family Gift Bundle

We Are Family Gift Bundle
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1 - Keys to the Cupboard Gift Set - What's in this Gift Set?

Our Keys to the Cupboard is a must have spice gift set that is ideal for helping you get started in the kitchen. In putting together this gift set we chose items that should cover the basic spices and seasonings and assist you in a variety of different culinary areas. Pick up these "must-have" spices and herbs that are essential for every cook.

This gift set contains the following products in medium glass jars (4floz):

Italian Herbs, Spanish Sweet Paprika, Organic Cracked Rosemary, Granulated Onion, Coarse Black Pepper, California Basil, Granulated Garlic, Premium French Thyme, Table Mountain All-Purpose Seasoning, Greek Oregano

1 - Surf & Turf Gift Set - What's in this Gift Set?

Looking for seasonings for both meat and seafood? Look no further because here's our Surf & Turf spice gift sets. The classic surf and turf meal is lobster and steak, but don’t limit yourself. This gift set contains eight of our best rubs and seasonings for all sorts of fish and cuts of meat. So become a meat and seafood connoisseur and pick up this flavorful gift set.

This gift set contains the following products in small glass jars (2floz):

Mt. Massive Steak Seasoning, Barrier Reef Caribbean Style Seasonings, Roman Pepper Steak Seasoning, Pike's Peak Butcher's Rub, Pearl Street Plank Rub, Black Dust Coffee & Spice Rub, Tarragon Shallot Citrus Seasoning, Cherry Creek Seafood Seasoning

2 - Seasonings for the Soul Gift Sets - What's in this Gift Set?

Check out our set of great spices for soups and stews called Seasonings for the Soul spice gift sets, designed to help replenish the soul through flavor. When it comes to warming the body nothing does it better than a homemade bowl of soup or stew. Whether you want a delicate soup or a hearty stew, this gift set of seasonings offers you the options to make your soul-satisfying concoction complete.

This gift set contains the following products in small glass jars (2floz):

Fines Herbs, Summit County Seasoning, Table Mountain All-Purpose Seasoning

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