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World Travelers Set

Father's Day Gift Bundle

World Traveler Father's Day Gift Set
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Wanderer. Roadie. Traveler. Dad.

If he can't get enough of exploring and adventuring, he'll love traveling the world through food this Father's Day.

  • Umami Everyday Sauce (5 fl oz) - travel to the East with this sauce that brings rich and complex flavors that enhance any dish. Use in place of soy in marinades, stir into soups and sauces, or drizzle on your favorite dishes. 
  • Peruvian Chile Lime (Medium Jar) - experience South America with this medium spicy chile-based blend that also has a lemony, fruity flavor.
  • Za'atar Seasoning (Medium Jar) - hop over to the Middle East with our take on za'atar. Tart, tangy, nutty, salted, and earthy with herbal and pepper notes, this blend has it all.
  • Mt. Olympus Greek Style Seasoning (Medium Jar) - the Mediterranean awaits with the best flavors of the region in one fan-favorite blend: garlic, citrus, herbs, mint, and pepper. 
  • Chimichurri Dry Marinade (Medium Jar) - an Argentinian steakhouse is just a jump away with this salt-free and umami-packed Latino classic. Season your favorite protein or make a marinade or sauce.  
  • Tikka Masala Spice 'n Easy Recipe Mix (2.9 oz) - this Indian favorite has never been easier to make at home with a couple of pantry staples. Serve with rice, cilantro, and naan for the full experience.  

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