Spice Club orders after the 9th will ship in the next month.


Spice Club delivers fresh ground spices and handcrafted seasonings right to your door! This club will introduce you to new flavors and unique recipes that will inspire you to think about seasonings in a new light.

Every month, members will receive:

- One delicious handcrafted seasoning

- One complementary herb or spice

- A savory, delicious recipe for creating a main dish to serve at least four people

- Bonus spices and recipes every few months

- Special discounts available only to members

- This is a total of 14 spices and 8 Savory recipes over 6 months!


 For more details, visit our Spice Club Frequently Asked Questions page.


"I made the first Spice Club recipe over the weekend & everyone loved it. It was such a huge pot, I thought for sure there would be leftovers, but there was very little left :)"
- Brooke F. of Denver, CO