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Sea Salt, French Fleur de Sel

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French sea salt is known as the very finest. Sea salt in France is still hand harvested in the traditional way, by drying seawater in shallow pools. As the water evaporates, crystals begin to form.If wind, sun and temperature conditions are right, bright white crystals will form on the surface.This Fleur de Sel, the flower of the salt, must be harvested quickly before it precipitates back into the water.

In ancient Roman times, the lips of infants were rubbed with salt to protect them from danger.

We carry this special salt from two countries; France and Portugal. Fleur de Sel contains a high concentration of minerals, has premium flavor, and is valued for its texture. Because of this delicate texture and crunch, Fleur de Sel should be used for finishing dishes rather than during the cooking process. To use as a finishing salt, place in a bowl or salt cellar and sprinkle on fish, eggs, pastas, meats and more.

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This salt is produced in France.
The following recipes use Sea Salt, French Fleur de Sel.

“The Peruvian Chile Lime seasoning is incredible on popcorn!!!”

-Joseph B. of Charlotte, NC

“The Peruvian Chile Lime seasoning is incredible on popcorn!!!”

-Joseph B. of Charlotte, NC