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Star Anise, Broken, Organic
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Black Pepper-Free

Star anise is actually the fruit of a tree in the Magnolia family which is native to southern China and Vietnam. Its aroma is much like fennel and anise and its taste is pungent and sweet with hints of licorice. Star anise has assertive warmth that creates a mild numbing effect in the mouth. The aftertaste is fresh and agreeable.

Star anise, in many cultures, is believed to increase psychic powers.

Broken star anise is just as flavorful as the whole star anise and is used mostly when presentation is not a factor. Star anise is often used in Chinese stocks and soups and is the underlying flavor of the famous marbled egg. The broken pieces are not of a standard size and can range from nearly a whole star down to one of the eight points. We offer star anise whole, broken or ground.

Star Anise is actually the fruit of a tree which is native to southern China and Vietnam.

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