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Chiles & Paprikas

This miniature variety of cayenne is enjoyed by the Thai nation. Known as Priki Nu in their homeland, they are used more for their heat than their flavor. Thai chiles rate at about an 8-9 on a heat scale of 1-10. Cuisine from Thailand has a certain complexity that revolves around rice, coconut, lemon grass, galangal and cilantro, but these chiles are the accents that are essential to any true Thai dish.

In parts of Southeast Asia a lotion made from chile pods is used for rheumatism relief.

Use these chiles in Thai curries or sauces. They are nice added to stir fries in crushed or whole form (if used whole, be sure to remove before serving.) These tiny red chiles are also great used as garnishing in both salads and noodle dishes.

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Thai Chiles: Crush into a course powder and combine with finely minced garlic and oil for a chile oil condiment.

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Miniture Thai chiles are known as Priki Nu in their homeland.

Dietary Information

Black Pepper-Free

Flavor of Thai Chiles

This miniature variety of cayenne known as Priki Nu is used more for its heat (8-9 on a scale of 1-10) than its flavor.

Uses of Thai Chiles

Soak in hot tap water for 20 minutes to rehydrate. Add to curries and sauces. Crush or use whole in stir fries. Garnish salads and noodle dishes.

Thai Chiles Recipe

For 4-5 T of mix: Toast 1 1/2 T coriander, 1 T cumin, 1 t cracked ginger, 1-2 chiles, 1 bay leaf, & 1 clove until aromatic (3-5 min.), stirring. Grind then mix with 1 1/2 t turmeric and 1/2 t dried lemon peel, garlic, onion, and pepper

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