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This pure yellow mustard powder is the ground product of the seeds from a large bush native to Asia. Mild yellow mustard powder is the mildest of the powders with its spiciness ranking just below our regular yellow mustard powder.

"A touch of these mustards brings out the flavor of Gruyère cheese, seasons a salad, gives a lift to white sauces, and gives style to a ragout. The hors d'oeuvre is the first dish to feel their good effect, which only ceases with the dessert." - Paul Reboux (Henri Amillet) (1877-1963) French writer

For a simple mustard recipe, start with 1 cup mustard powder, 3 fluid ounces water and 3 fluid ounces vinegar. Mix well and salt to taste. Let stand 10 minutes while considering what other flavor you might want to add to make it your own.

Spice Map - Asia
These yellow mustard seeds come from a large shrub that is native to Asia.

Dietary Information

Black Pepper-Free

Flavor of Mild Yellow Mustard Powder

This powder is earthy and pungent with mild heat and pairs well with cumin, dill, fennel, parsley, and pepper.

Uses of Mild Yellow Mustard Powder

For prepared mustard, mix 1 cup mustard powder, 3 fl oz water, and 3 fl oz vinegar. Salt to taste. Let stand 10 min. Add to barbecue sauces. Season meats and veggies.

Mild Yellow Mustard Powder Recipe

For 6-7 T of mix: Blend 2 T mild mustard powder and kosher salt with 1 T pepper, 2 t dried garlic, 1 t brown sugar, and 1/4 t mild yellow curry powder

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