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Whole Star Anise

Star Anise Pods from Savory Spice

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Whole Star Anise Details

World Flavors

Star Anise is the fruit of a tree in the Magnolia family which is native to southern China and Vietnam. Use this beautiful whole star anise when concerned about presentation. We offer star anise whole, broken or ground.

Star Anise Pods Q & A

What is the flavor of star anise?

The aroma of star anise is similar to fennel and anise seed and its taste is pungent and sweet with hints of licorice. It has assertive warmth that creates a mild numbing effect in the mouth and the aftertaste is fresh and agreeable.

What can be used instead of star anise?

Because of the similar licorice-forward flavor, both fennel seeds and anise seeds (which are unrelated to star anise despite the fact that both have "anise" in their names) are good substitutes. If substituting for ground star anise, Chinese Five Spice, which contains star anise, is the best choice.

What flavors pair well with anise?

Star anise pairs well with fruit and is often mixed with cinnamon and cloves to poach fruits. Try in combination with other spices like chiles, coriander, fennel seeds, garlic, and ginger.

What is star anise good for?

Whole star anise is preferred when using for presentation purposes. Otherwise, broken or ground star anise provides the same pungent, licorice-forward flavor. Star anise is often used in fruit dishes and can also be used in poaching liquid for chicken and goes well with fish, seafood, and root vegetables.

Cooking With Star Anise Pods

Star anise pods bring a strong licorice note to both sweet and savory dishes and is most commonly used in Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines. It's is an essential ingredient in Chinese Five Spice as well as the Indian tea mix chai masala. Pods are added to broths like pho for flavor then removed before serving.

Other Names

Eight-horned anise

Chinese anise

Aniseed stars

Illicium verum

Whole Star Anise Nutrition

Nutritional Information
Organically Sourced
Black Pepper-Free

Whole Star Anise Flavor

Flavor of Star Anise Pods

This dried fruit is pungent and sweet with licoricey notes and pairs well with cinnamon, coriander, fennel seeds, and ginger.

Whole Star Anise Uses

Uses of Star Anise Pods

Add to baked goods, Asian stocks for chicken and fish, soups, and fruit dishes. Use whole star anise instead of broken when presentation is a factor.

Whole Star Anise Recipe

Spice Blend Recipe: Chinese 5 Spice

For 2-3 T of mix: Toast 4 star anise buds, 8 cloves, a 4" cinnamon stick, 1 1/2 t fennel seeds, and 1 t Szechwan peppercorns until aromatic (2-4 minutes), stirring, then grind into a fine powder

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