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Black Pepper-Free

We designed the spices and seasonings in our Pizza Lovers gift set to let every pizza lover customize their slice to suit their palate. For a delicious crust dip, mix olive oil and Cantanzaro herbs. With these seasonings in your arsenal, every pie can be perfect! As an extra bonus we've added a few bonus spices for you to enjoy and should be stored in a container for future use.

This gift set contains the following products in small glass jars (2floz):

Cantanzaro Herbs

Onion & Garlic Tableside Sprinkle

Chiles, Red Pepper, Crushed

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"I was just writing to say 'thanks' for the prompt attention my recent order received. I am always searching for hidden culinary gems on the internet and surely Savory Spice is one! Your blends are an astounding choreography of spices gathered from across the globe. Using them in my cooking has added a beautiful complexity to everything I cook. Thanks again for your kindness and prompt service."
- - Fred W. of Louisville, KY