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Signature Seasonings Garlic & Onion Salt Seasonings
This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. We hope you can find something else on our site to make your recipes Savory!
Black Pepper-Free

At Savory Spice Shop, we grind many of our spices and blend all of our seasonings in-house. We grind shallots to a coarse size for many of our blends, but after grinding, we are still left with lots of shallot granules. So to us it just made sense; we have garlic salt and onion salt, why not shallot salt? To make this blend, we simply blend salt and shallot granules in the same ratio as our garlic salt and add a touch of arrowroot to keep it from clumping.

Salt, shallots and arrowroot

Try using as a substitute for salt, garlic salt or onion salt. Excellent on pork, beef, chicken, fish or corn on the cob. Will enhance the flavor of many dishes; add some to your spice rack.

“Just wanted to say that your Shallot Salt may be a delivery pizza's best friend. A little sprinkle lifts an ordinary pie to something great!”
- -Daniel H. of Grand Junction, CO
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