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Pure Tahitian Vanilla Extract

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Our extracts are getting an upgrade! The labels look different, but the extracts are the same. Find them at a store near you coming this spring.

Pure Tahitian Vanilla Extract is a fruity & floral flavored vanilla extract, which makes it the best pure vanilla extract to use with fruits or when making fruit-based desserts. Try this type of pure vanilla extract from Tahiti in your standard cake and cookie recipes, or in place of the vanilla extract you'd typically use when making sweets. 

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What makes your vanilla extract different from others?
By law, to be labeled a Pure Vanilla Extract, the liquid must be at least 35% alcohol and use only vanilla beans in the flavoring. A single vanilla bean has about 300 unique flavoring components. However, many of these are delicate flavors that occur in trace amounts and must be carefully extracted to maintain their distinctive flavors. To capture maximum flavor from the variety of unique flavor compounds, our extracts are produced using a proprietary cold extraction, slow percolation method. Damaging heat and pressure are never introduced into this process. This cold extraction process takes nearly a month to complete but ensures that the deep, rich flavor and delicate sweet, floral notes of each flavor compound are captured in our vanilla extracts. .

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Pure Tahitian Vanilla Extract Q&A

Where does pure vanilla extract come from?

Pure vanilla extract can come from a few different places, such as Madagascar, Tahiti or Uganda. This variety of Tahitian vanilla comes from Tahiti!

How long does pure vanilla extract last?

If stored correctly and with a secure cap, most vanilla extracts can last for a year or more – with as much flavor as they day they were purchased.

What are pure vanilla extract ingredients?

Pure vanilla extract usually includes a list of ingredients like water, 35% alcohol (by law), and an extraction of 100% pure vanilla beans.

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Water, 35% alcohol (by law), and an extraction of 100% pure Vanilla tahitensis variety bean