Saffron Salt & Saffron Risotto


Sugar & Spice Sale from Savory Spice

Saffron Salted Pretzel Bark

There is no easier party treat than bark! Make yours unique with bright Saffron Salt and crunchy pretzels.

Saffron Salted Caramel Filled Beignets

Out-of-this-world soft beignets, filled with a salty, creamy, smooth caramel saffron cream and covered with a light coating of powdered sugar. These will disappear before you can blink!


Staff Favorites: Spice Love

with Emily Bishop, Savory Spice Team

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to share the things you love with the people you love. It’s no surprise that everyone at Savory Spice enjoys sharing their favorite spices. I reached out to some Savory Team members to find out which... Read more

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