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Mediterranean Greek Oregano

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Greek Oregano, or Mediterranean Oregano, like many herbs comes from the mint family. Dried Greek oregano is a common ingredient for most tomato-based pizza and pasta sauces. These oregano spices are used extensively in Italian recipes. 

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Oregano and marjoram are in fact two different herbs and possess different flavor characteristics. Oregano has a milder, sweet aroma and flavor that matches well with thyme, basil, rosemary, sage and marjoram itself. It is used extensively in Italian cooking and is often found in pizza, pasta sauces and many other tomato based sauces.

Greek Oregano Q&A

What is Greek oregano used for in cooking?

Oregano is used in Mediterranean & European cuisines, specifically Greek & Italian cooking to add a woody, robust flavor to many recipes. It is most commonly used with tomatoes or as an addition to meat, fish, and different vegetable dishes.

What's the difference between Greek oregano and Italian oregano?

Greek oregano has a stronger flavor than the typical milder Italian oregano blends. But for the most part, Greek oregano is most commonly used, as it is the more popular oregano variety.

What is Greek oregano and where does it come from?

Oregano is thought to have originated from southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region. It comes from the mint family of herbs (Lamiaceae) and thrives in warmer climates. The oregano plant is native to western and southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region.

Is oregano good in spaghetti?

While most Italians prefer not to add oregano in spaghetti and other tomato-based sauces, many people prefer spaghetti with oregano. It imparts a powerful sweet, yet slightly bitter taste that many people are sure to love.

Is oregano a spice or herb?

Oregano is an herb, not a spice. Spices and herbs, while some choose to use interchangeably, actually refer to different things. Spices typically come from seeds, barks, flowers, fruits, and the roots of plants and trees. On the other hand, herbs typically come from the aromatic leaves of plants.

Can I eat raw oregano?

You can eat oregano leaves raw, but the flavor of oregano is often too overpowering, so many prefer to cook the herb or add it to dishes that call for it.

Which oregano best for cooking?

Use the Italian variety for its spiciness, which can be incorporated in Mexican cuisine, and its mild flavor that is best used in Greek and Italian cuisine. Others prefer the Greek variety for the fullness of flavor it adds to each recipe.

Is it better to use fresh or dried oregano?

Many people find that dried oregano tastes better for dishes since it adds more flavor than fresh ones. Due to its milder flavor, fresh oregano is added during the last 15 minutes of cooking to preserve its flavor while dried oregano can be added early on.

What does Greek oregano taste like?

Greek oregano's taste has been described as intensely earthy, strongly aromatic, and slightly bitter and pungent, which imparts an astringent feel in the mouth. It's more pungent than other oregano varieties.

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