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'Cue Glue

$9.99 - Points

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'Cue Glue is a meat binder that's exclusive to Savory Spice. This "BBQ glue" helps stick your spices & seasonings to your grilled meats. As a binder for meat, it also locks in both moisture and flavor during the grilling process. A mustard binder like 'Cue Glue amplifies the flavors of your BBQ rubs, and keeps your favorite meats juicy & tender. Use as a BBQ binder for ribs, turkey, brisket, pork and more. Creates a perfect chewy, yet tender bark that is a staple of great barbecue.

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'Cue Glue Q&A

What does a binder do for meat?

Binders for meat bind your spice blends, dry rubs and seasonings to the outside of your cut of meat, as well as help lock in moisture and overall flavor.

Why use a binder on meat?

Use a binder on meat to lock in moisture, flavor, dry rubs and seasonings for the meat you're grilling.

Why use mustard as a binder?

Using mustard as a binder adheres your dry rubs & seasonings to your meats more evenly, as well as helping create a "bark" outer layer.

Does the meat binder leave a taste/flavoring on the meat?

Meat binders don't usually leave a taste on the meat & impart no flavor.

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Yellow mustard (water, distilled vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, oleoresin paprika, spices), water, distilled vinegar, salt, paprika, dill seeds