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Smoked Spanish Hot Paprika

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Smoked Spanish Hot Paprika seasoning adds the perfect amount of hot, smoky flavor and great color to almost any dish. Use smoked hot paprika to season cuts of meat like beef, chicken pork and fish. Add hot paprika to your homemade BBQ rubs or chili powder blends for an extra kick. Try hot, smoked paprika seasoning in recipes with beans, chickpeas, spinach and potatoes, or add to soups and stews.

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Used in dishes with chickpeas, spinach, potatoes, stews and beans, this adds just the right amount of smoky hot flavor and great color. Try using it on beef, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, potatoes, in chili powder or barbecue rubs.

Smoked Spanish Hot Paprika Q&A

What is hot paprika?

Hot paprika is usually made up of hotter & spicier dried peppers than regular paprika is made of. Regular paprika has no heat, but hot paprika carries a medium heat.

How hot is paprika powder?

Paprika powder is not hot, unless specified and made with a hotter type of dried red pepper.

What's the difference between normal paprika powder and smoked hot paprika powder?

Normal paprika powder is neither smoky or hot, and is more of a sweeter flavor, where as smoked hot paprika is made with a hotter pepper to make it spicy, and smoked over an oak burning fire to give it that smoked paprika flavor.

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