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'Cue Glue, $7.95


Makes your spices stick for that extra kick!

The secret weapon of professional pitmasters has long been a combination of yellow mustard and pickle juice. 'Cue Glue's special formula seals in moisture, maximizes the flavor of your BBQ rub, and creates the perfect chewy yet tender bark that is a staple of great barbecue.

Savory Spice is the only place you can find this unique product, a must-try for all BBQ enthusiasts!

Yellow Mustard (distilled vinegar, mustard powder, water, salt, turmeric, paprika), water, distilled vinegar, paprika, salt, dill.

How to Use:

1. Slather It: Use 2-3 tsp. per pound on all sides of any cut of meat (including burgers!)
2. Season It: Apply your favorite BBQ rub or seasoning.
3. 'Cue It: The flavor of the 'Cue Glue will cook off, leaving your protein with the full flavor of your favorite BBQ rub.

One 12 fl. oz. bottle of 'Cue Glue will cover up to 50 pounds – depending on the cut of protein – so it’s great for multiple uses. Refrigerate after opening.


"Just wanted to let you know that our recent order arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for doing such a great job of getting the Chimayo Chili (hot!) out to us. Please keep us informed about your products we that may not be able to live without."
- -David B. of Garden Valley, ID