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Pakistan Rose Petals

Dried Rose Petals & Rosebuds from Savory Spice

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1 Cup Bag - $1.55
Bag Size: 7" x 4.25"
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Bag Size: 9" x 6"
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World Flavors

Here in the states we don’t usually think of using flowers in our cooking, but in other parts of the world many different flowers are regularly used to flavor dishes. The flavor of rose is very much like its scent and although sweet, they are used as a flavoring to both sweet and savory dishes.

As a treatment for lead poisoning from bullet wounds, Napoleon’s army would use rose petals boiled in white wine.

Throughout the Arab world rose petals are in savory meals including stews, rice, roasts, couscous and fish. In India they are used in marinades, kormas and in Kheer (rice pudding). Rose petals can also be used to infuse syrups and sugars for making desserts and drinks.

Our rose petals come to us from Pakistan.
Nutritional Information
Black Pepper-Free

These flower petals are sweet and pair well with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, curry, and mint.
Add to savory dishes like stews, rice, roasts, kormas, couscous, and fish. Try in marinades and rice pudding. Infuse syrups and sugars for desserts and drinks.
For 4-5 T of mix: Grind 1 T rose petals into a powder and mix with 4 T white sugar, 1/2 t cinnamon, and 1/4 t ground cardamom

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