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California Fennel Pollen

Fennel Pollen from Savory Spice
1/2 Cup Jar  
Net 1.45oz

1/2 Cup Jar - $42.00
Bottle Size: 4.25" x 2"
Net 1.45 oz
(Per Ounce Cost: $28.97)

California Fennel Pollen Details

American Pantry

Fennel pollen is native to the Mediterranean and is now grown in many parts of the world including China, India and the States. The fennel plant grows wild all around the state of California, where its tiny yellow flowers are collected, dried and screened for the pollen. Pure fennel pollen from California, sometimes called the “spice of the angels”, is of the highest quality and is some of the best in the world.

The aromatic aroma of fennel is said to symbolize flattery and to be an emblem of heroism.

The aroma of fennel pollen is sweet, pungent, and has all of the great qualities of fennel and then some. The flavor is similar to fennel seed only more intense. Just a dash of pollen can transform an average dish into supreme cuisine. Use to enhance seafood, poultry, pork, vegetables and soups.

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Pure fennel pollen from California is considered some of the best in the world.

California Fennel Pollen Nutrition

Nutritional Information
Black Pepper-Free

California Fennel Pollen Flavor

Licoricey and floral, this "spice of the angels" pairs well with coriander, citrus, and garlic.

California Fennel Pollen Uses

Just a dash transforms an average dish into supreme cuisine. Use to enhance seafood, poultry, pork, vegetables, and soups.

California Fennel Pollen Recipe

For 2-3 T of mix: Blend 1 t fennel pollen, sugar, salt, dried orange peel, and ground coriander with 3/4 t paprika, 1/2 t granulated onion and garlic, and a dash of cayenne (optional)

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