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Ginger, Crystallized: Sliced

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Crystallized ginger, or candied ginger, is young, fiberless ginger that has been steeped in cane sugar syrup and crystallized. The sweet, yet sharp flavor of crystallized ginger not only has a flavor that grows on you, it’s good for you too. Ginger has been recognized for its medicinal values for centuries. It is most commonly associated with easing digestion and alleviating motion sickness.

Try it as a snack or chopped up in homemade trail mix. It has many uses in baking; in cookies, muffins, cakes and scones. In addition, because of its inviting warmth and sharpness, it works well in salsas and for teriyaki and sweet and sour marinades.

Spice Map - Asia, Southeast
Ginger is native to Southeast Asia.


Ingredients: Ginger, cane sugar syrup and sugar.

Flavor of Sliced Crystallized Ginger

Young fiberless ginger is steeped in cane sugar syrup and crystallized to make this sweet, pungent treat.

Uses of Sliced Crystallized Ginger

Enjoy as a snack. Add to homemade trail mix and baked goods. Try in salsas and teriyaki or sweet and sour marinades.

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