Limnos Lamb Rub

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World Flavors

This is our rendition of a spice blend used in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean for roasting lamb and poultry. Rub a leg of lamb with olive oil, coat it with Limnos Lamb Rub, and roast or grill it. Baste with red wine and its own natural juices to a temperature of 160-165 degrees.

Thought this was crafted for lamb, you can also try the same recipe with a good cut of venison or rub the inner cavity and outer skin of a goose or duck with olive oil, Limnos, and fresh garlic. This blend stands up wonderfully to strong flavored or gamey meats.


Coarse sea salt, garlic, lemon peel, onion, black pepper, fennel, rosemary, Mediterranean thyme, sage, basil, parsley, Greek oregano, spearmint, marjoram.

Dietary Information

Limnos Lamb Rub  - Nutrition Facts

Flavor of Limnos Lamb Rub

This salted rub is aromatic, citrusy, licoricey, and herby with peppery notes.

Uses of Limnos Lamb Rub

To season lamb, rub with olive oil then coat with spice. Try on venison, goose, and duck.

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