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1gr in a Medium Jar  
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1gr in a Medium Jar - $17.58
Net 0.04 oz
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1 gram of saffron is weighed out and sold in a medium glass jar. 

This organic saffron comes from the fields of Suktana, a town just south of Taliouine, Morocco. Many residents of this region belong to the Taliouine Saffron Society. This high quality organic saffron is produced within about 10,000 square meters of land, comprised of individual fields located between many households. All members of the Taliouine Saffron Society use the same farming methods, which include planting saffron bulbs in piles of three, watering the fields 12 times a year, and using only natural fertilizers such as sheep manure.

"A man who is stingy with saffron is capable of seducing his own grandmother." - Norman Douglas, English Writer (1868-1952)

Saffron is the stigma of the Crocus sativus flower, which only blooms for three weeks every fall. Each bulb produces two to nine flowers and each flower contains three long, red-orange stigmas. The stigmas are handpicked and laid in the sun for two days to dry. They are then stored to complete the drying process. This community works hard with high standards to harvest this organic saffron and we are proud to have it on our shelves.

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This organic saffron comes from the fields of Suktana, a town just south of Taliouine, Morocco.

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Organically Sourced
Black Pepper-Free

What is Organically Sourced?

Organically Sourced

Products with the "Organically Sourced" designation have been grown and cleaned organically. Once these products are received by our warehouse in Denver and opened to be repackaged into Savory Spice jars, they no longer qualify as organically certified, but the methods for producing them are in line with organic standards. Products that are Organically Sourced will include "ORG-S" on the front of the label.

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