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Mt. Evans Butcher's Rub


Mt. Evans Butcher's Rub - Vegetable & Meat Seasoning from Savory Spice

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1/2 Cup Jar  
Net 2.00oz
1 1/2 Cup Jar  
Net 5.65oz
1/2 Cup Bag  
Net 2.00oz
1 Cup Bag  
Net 3.90oz
2 Cup Bag  
Net 7.80oz

1/2 Cup Jar - $7.85
Bottle Size: 4.25" x 2"
(Per Ounce Cost: $3.93)

1 1/2 Cup Jar - $13.60
Bottle Size: 5.5" x 2.5"
(Per Ounce Cost: $2.41)

1/2 Cup Bag - $7.05
Bag Size: 7" x 4.25"
(Per Ounce Cost: $3.53)

1 Cup Bag - $10.25
Bag Size: 7" x 4.25"
(Per Ounce Cost: $2.63)

2 Cup Bag - $17.95
Bag Size: 9" x 6"
(Per Ounce Cost: $2.30)


BBQ & Grilling

Mt. Evans is the tallest mountains in Colorado that you can drive to the top of. At its peak, you can view the spectacular rugged terrain of the Rockies. We emulated that ruggedness by using chunky pieces of herbs and spices in this butcher’s rub.

This blend can be used by meat lovers and vegetarians alike. It stands up great to the slow cooking process of soups, stews, and roasts. In addition, it is excellent rubbed on poultry, pork, and beef.


Black pepper, red and green bell peppers, onion, garlic, shallots, minced green onion, Mild Yellow Curry Powder (coriander, turmeric, ginger, fenugreek, anise, cumin, Saigon cinnamon, black pepper, regular yellow mustard, mace and cardamom), Mediterranean thyme, arrowroot, California basil

Dietary Information

Mt. Evans Butcher's Rub - Nutrition Facts

Flavor of Mt. Evans Butcher's Rub

This salt-free, pepper-based rub is bittersweet and aromatic with herbal notes.

Uses of Mt. Evans Butcher's Rub

Rub on poultry, pork, and beef. Add to slow cooking soups, stews, and roasts. Sprinkle on vegetables before roasting.

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