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Our Tax Relief Sale Is On Now! 15% Off $60, Plus Free Shipping With Code TAXDAY15

Chipotle (Morita) Chile Powder

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This blend of Chipotle (Morita) Chile Powder is rich, smoky and full of heat, which makes it smoky substitute for cayenne pepper. Add just a sprinkle of chipotle chili powder to any of your favorite dishes, and taste & repeat until you've added the right amount of heat you're looking for. This chipotle seasoning is made from both black & red chipotle peppers.

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Ground from the black and red chipotles, this chile powder has a rich, smoky flavor with a nice bit of heat. Ground chipotles register about 6 on heat scale of 1-10. Use chipotle seasoning powder on chicken, pork and beef. Works great in place of cayenne for a nice change of pace. As with cayenne, we suggest you work with it dash to dash; in other words, add a dash and taste, and repeat until you build to the heat level you desire.

Chipotle (Morita) Chile Powder Q&A

What is chipotle chile powder?

Chipotle chile powder is a blend of finely ground powder of both red chipotles and black chipotles.

How much chipotle chile powder equals 1 chipotle pepper?

About 1/2 teaspoon of ground chipotle chile powder should equal to 1 large chipotle pepper.

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