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Our Tax Relief Sale Is On Now! 15% Off $60, Plus Free Shipping With Code TAXDAY15

El Diente Southwestern Seasoning

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El Diente Southwestern Seasoning is a moderately hot southwestern spice blend that packs more flavor than heat. Use this versatile southwestern seasoning mix anywhere you would typically use a Cajun seasoning rub. Rub El Diente spices on chicken, pork, beef or steak for an added zip in flavor. A great addition to any Mexican or Tex-Mex recipe, especially with rice, fajitas or tacos!

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El Diente Southwestern Seasoning Q&A

What is southwestern seasoning?

Southwestern seasoning is a blend of savory and slightly spicy flavors, typically including chiles, red pepper flakes, garlic, cumin, and salt & pepper.

What flavors are usually in southwestern seasoning?

Southwestern seasoning usually contains a mix of spicy flavors from chiles and salty & earthy flavors from garlic, salt and seasonings like cumin and coriander.

Is southwest seasoning spicy?

The spiciness of any southwest seasoning usually depends on how many chiles are used in the blend's ingredients, but as for our southwestern seasoning, it carries a moderately-hot spice level.

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Chiles, California paprika, salt, coriander, cumin, black pepper, crushed red pepper, garlic and Mexican oregano