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Try New Plant-Based Caesar Seasoning | Free Shipping On Orders $49+

Fennel Seeds

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Fennel seed is native to the Mediterranean and is now grown in many parts of the world including China and India. Fennel seeds are sometimes called sweet cumin or large cumin because of their resemblance to cumin seeds. For reasons unknown, fennel is connected with sorrow as in the old proverb “to sow fennel is to sow sorrow”.

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Fennel Pork Rub: Grind fennel seeds until coarse, not to a powder, and mix with equal parts salt & pepper. Use blend as a rub for pork roasts.

Candied Fennel Seeds: Add fennel seeds to a mixture of boiling sugar and water, stir until the liquid crystallizes. Remove from pot and allow to cool. Sprinkle on savory or sweet dishes to add sweetness and texture.

Fennel Seed Q & A

What are fennel seeds?

Fennel seeds are a spice that grow from the flowering plant called fennel, part of the carrot family.

What do fennel seeds taste like?

The flavor of fennel is slightly sweet and has a definite licorice-like taste.

Are fennel seeds and anise seeds the same?

Fennel seeds and anise seeds taste similar but they come from completely different plants.

Cooking With Fennel Seeds

Fennel is used in almost every culture; Italians use it on pork roast and in sauces, the French on fish, the Germans in sauerkraut, the Greeks in breads, the Chinese on poultry and people of India not only chew fennel as a breath freshener, but use it as an important ingredient in many curries. You can use it in sausage making, soups, cakes and cookies.

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