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Mexican Street Corn Seasoning Is Back For Summer! | Free Shipping Over $49
Mexican Street Corn Seasoning Is Back For Summer! | Free Shipping Over $49

Ghost Pepper Salt

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This fiery salt is handcrafted with our chile-head customers in mind. While it is a scorching blend, the salt to Ghost Pepper ratio tempers the intense bite of the chile. To best infuse the spicy heat and unique flavor in every granule, we use a liquid binder (similar to the process we use to make our vanilla sugars).

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This one was a bit tricky to create. Salt and heat is a great marriage, but we thought it needed something more to ground the flavors. From a technical standpoint, we needed a liquid binder to tie the salt to the chile. After trying a few different flavors, we decided on chocolate extract. Chocolate and chile are a great pairing but our Ghost Pepper Salt does not taste like chocolate. The chocolate aroma prepares the palate for a blast of chile heat. While this doesn’t alleviate the heat, it does make the impact more pleasant.

Use anywhere you would add hot sauce. Fire up chicken wings, chili, and fajitas. Sprinkle on french fries, sliced watermelon, and deviled eggs. Add heat to rimming salt mixtures for cocktails.

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Kosher salt, naturally flavored chocolate extract (propylene glycol, water, alcohol and natural flavor), ghost peppers