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Save 20% On BBQ Spices With Code SUMMERTIME | Free Shipping $59+

Hatch Green Chile Powder

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Enjoy the popular flavor of authentic Hatch Green Chiles year-round with our Hatch Green Chile Powder. This hatch green chili seasoning is medium-hot in overall heat and flavor. Try our hatch chili spicy powder for chili, stew and enchilada recipes. Picked before ripening to red, hatch chiles are dehydrated and destemmed before being finely ground into a hatch chile powder.

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Hatch Green Chile Powder Q&A

What do green chiles taste like?

Fresh green chiles are pungent and subtly sweet with varying levels of heat depending on the particular variety. They're typically roasted before use which lends a smoky note. Our Hatch Green Chile Powder is rich and earthy with medium hot heat (6-7 on a scale of 1-10).

What is green chile powder?

Green chile powder is made up of dehydrated and dried Hatch green chiles ground into powder form. Our chiles are grown in New Mexico’s famous Hatch Valley. The region's fertile soil, along with its warm days and cool nights, makes it the very best climate for growing the finest green chiles.

What is green chile powder used for in cooking?

Hatch green chile powder can be used in stews and chilis, or for tacos and enchiladas recipes. Use in dishes where you want to add an authentic, medium-hot chile flavor.

What can I substitute for green chiles?

Poblano chile peppers or jalapeños can be used as a substitute for fresh green chiles and jalapeño chile powder can be substituted for green chile powder, although it is slightly less spicy and has a more fruity flavor.

Is red or green chile hotter?

The level of heat in either a red or green chile depends on the exact variety of chile. The main flavor difference between red and green chiles is that green (less ripe) chiles tend to have a fresher, crisper flavor while red chiles develop more sweetness and smokiness. Red chiles are simply ripened green chiles.

How much dried hatch green chili powder do you use for chili recipes?

For chili recipes, add at least 1 tablespoon of hatch green chili powder. But feel free to add a bit more to your liking!

Where are green chiles grown?

Green chiles are primarily grown in New Mexico, Texas and California. The green chiles used in our powder are grown in New Mexico's Hatch Valley, which is also known as the "Green Chile Capitol of the World." The Hatch Valley's fertile soil along with its warm days and cool nights makes it the very best climate for growing green chiles. "Green chile" may also refer to other types of green chiles like jalapeños, poblanos, and Anaheim.

Cooking With Hatch Green Chile Powder

Fresh green chiles can be difficult to find in many parts of the U.S. Hatch Green Chile Powder adds authentic flavor to New Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes, even when fresh chiles are not available. Try it in stews, tacos, and chili and add to sauces for enchiladas and smothered burritos.

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Capsicum annuum

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