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Saffron Salt Is Back For February | Free Shipping Now At $49
Saffron Salt Is Back For February | Free Shipping Now At $49

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

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Activated charcoal, only of the highest purity and quality, is added to sea salt using a proprietary technique that bonds this wonderful element to the salt, resulting in dramatic and glistening Black Lava sea salt with a unique and subtle smoky-sweet flavor with an undeniably clean taste. 

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Perfect for use as a finishing salt for chicken, potatoes, and seafood. Of course, it also makes for an impressive presentation. Any way that you decide to use it we think you will be thoroughly impressed. Additionally, we believe that because of its quality and intensity, you can use less, which is certainly considered a healthy choice.

Hawaii Kai’s Palm Island gourmet sea salts are a unique combination of taste, mineral content, intriguing varietals, and affordability making them hard to compete with and certainly incomparable. Many specialty sea salts are mined from land deposits, not Palm Island. It begins as freshly harvested Pacific Ocean salt—with no additives, nothing artificial. It is then heated to remove impurities, as are the salts of many well-known brands such as Maldon and La Baleine. The next step in the process is what separates Hawaii Kai from all others. After many painstaking years of research, they have developed an extraordinary mineral-rich tonic they call Ocean Essence™. 

They carefully blend this pure, unaltered, super-concentrated fluid into the Pacific Ocean salt through a proprietary multi-step technology, thus restoring natural flavor complexities and trace minerals, which are lost in the heating process. This results in a marvelously sheen and crunchy textured salt that is second to none. This salt is called White Silver and is the basis to their Red Gold and Black Lava sea salts.

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