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Indonesian Cinnamon Sticks

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Indonesian Cinnamon Sticks, or Cassia cinnamon sticks, are the most popular variety of whole cinnamon used with cooking and baking recipes, especially in the United States. These cinnamon sticks carry that familiar, classic cinnamon mild flavor that you're used to tasting in your baked goods and desserts. Use a whole cinnamon stick or two as a stirrer in your coffee, eggnog or hot cider. For a savory use, try using cinnamon sticks whole or grated with authentic curry recipes.

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Indonesian Cinnamon Sticks Q&A

What's the difference between Indonesian cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon?

Indonesian cinnamon is the variety of cinnamon that we're used to and all know and love. Ceylon, which comes from the inner layer of the bark on a cinnamon tree, is known as "true" cinnamon and is more commonly used as the cinnamon go-to outside of the US.

Can you eat cinnamon sticks whole?

Cinnamon sticks can technically be eaten, yes, but cinnamon is a type of tree bark and eating raw tree bark may be hard to both consume and digest. It is recommended they be ground or grated into a powder to stir into your recipes, rather than chewing or eating them whole.

Do cinnamon sticks go bad?

Cinnamon sticks will lose their flavor and potency over a long period of time, but they usually stay good and flavorful for up to 3 years in your pantry (if stored well).

How can you grind cinnamon sticks?

Grind cinnamon sticks using a grater, grinder, blender or food processor, until it becomes a finely ground cinnamon powder.

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