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Kansas City Strip Steak Seasoning

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Kansas City Strip Steak Seasoning is specifically made to be the best steak seasoning for your favorite cuts of beef. While it's best used as a Kansas City steak seasoning, it's also a great spice rub for chicken, pork and whitefish. The famous New York Strip cut of steak actually came from Kansas City first, so we decided to craft this steak rub to be aptly named after where it really originated, instead of just calling it New York steak seasoning.

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Great on all cuts of beef, but also on pork, poultry, or even a meaty whitefish. Mix 1 Tbsp. into 1 lb. ground beef for a sweet and savory burger. Season root vegetables before grilling or roasting or use as a sprinkle on salads.

Kansas City Strip Steak Seasoning FAQ

What is Kansas city steak seasoning?

Kansas City steak seasoning is a salt & pepper-forward, mixed seasoning blend of spices specifically meant to enhance the flavor of Kansas City strip steak, also sometimes known as New York strip steak.

What does Kansas city steak seasoning taste like?

Kansas City steak seasoning tastes both sweet & savory, thanks to its combo of sugar, salt & pepper. This seasoning blend also has notes of garlic, lemon and herbs, in addition to the more prominent sweet & savory flavor.

How to use Kansas city steak seasoning?

Use Kansas City steak seasoning on steak! But also, try it out on any of your favorite cuts of beef, chicken, turkey, pork or white seafood!

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Sugar, salt, onion, garlic, lemon peel, rosemary, thyme, red pepper, fennel, nutmeg, black pepper, citric acid, sugar, fenugreek, mace, turmeric, coriander, cumin, ginger, arrowroot, cayenne, cinnamon, anise, cardamom, cloves