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Carne Asada Spice & Easy Is Back | Free Shipping On Orders $59+

Native Texan BBQ Rub

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Our Native Texan BBQ Rub was actually created by a Texas customer who received the most votes in a competition to find the best BBQ rub to represent the state of Texas. This Texas BBQ spice blend incorporates Mexican oregano with chiles, honey powder and other classic Texan spices to deliver that classic Texas barbecue flavor. Use as a go-to BBQ dry rub on brisket, chicken and pork before grilling.

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Use Native Texan BBQ Rub generously on beef, poultry, pork, or seafood before putting on the BBQ. Sprinkle on vegetables or use to make a zesty barbecue-flavored dip or dressing.

Native Texan BBQ Rub Q&A

What is a Texas-style BBQ?

There are 4 different Texas-style BBQ seasonings, so they typically vary in ingredients and spices. We've found that most Texas BBQ rubs usually contain some sort of sugar or sweet-forward flavor with tanginess from tomato or vinegar, combined with other spices such as cumin, mustard, paprika, and salt & pepper.

What makes Texas BBQ different from other BBQ flavors?

Texas BBQ is different from other BBQ flavors because it typically combines the best balance of both sweet and tangy flavors, instead of one or the other.

What is Texas BBQ known for?

Texas BBQ is known for having multiple different types of BBQ rubs and flavors, usually based on the region of Texas that you're in. Central Texas BBQ is typically the most common type of flavor you'll taste when looking for Texas BBQ.

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Salt, honey powder (honey, sugar), garlic, paprika, black pepper, onion, chiles, mustard, coriander, cumin, Mexican oregano, celery