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📦 $8 Flat-Rate Shipments. 🇺🇸 Orders $49+ Ship Free.

Spanish Coupe Saffron

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Spanish Coupe Saffron is a decadent, must-have ingredient for taking your gourmet Spanish paella, French bouillabaisse or Italian risotto recipe to the next level. Spanish saffron easily adds luxurious aroma, color and flavor to Arabic lamb, Italian sauces, Spanish rice or holiday baked breads.

The price of Spanish saffron tends to be expensive because of the rarity in harvesting saffron threads, but also because the quality is of the best saffron you can get from the La Mancha region. Luckily, most recipes that require saffron only need around 2-3 saffron threads per serving. 

1 gram size of saffron is weighed out and sold in a medium glass jar.

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Our Spanish saffron threads are of the Coupe grade, which is the best saffron you can get from the La Mancha region.

Spanish Coupe Saffron Q&A

What is Spanish saffron used for?

Spanish saffron is used in most paella recipes, as well as recipes for risotto or bouillabaisse. Saffron is often also used to make homemade Spanish rice. It's a spice that adds a level of luxury and decadence in color, aroma and flavor.

What is Spanish saffron?

Spanish saffron is a spice that comes from the stigma of a Crocus sativus flower. This flower blooms only 3 weeks each fall. Bulbs produce only 2-9 flowers/season, and these flowers contain long, red-orange stigmas. These stigmas are handpicked from the flowers, and it takes around 100 flowers to produce a single gram of Spanish saffron.

Why is Spanish saffron so expensive?

Because of the nature of both handpicking and harvesting the stigmas from the flowers that create Spanish saffron, the price for saffron is high. In addition to the harvesting process, the flowers from which saffron comes from only bloom for 3 weeks every year during fall, making them even more of an exclusive find.

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