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Summit County

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Summit County is a crockpot seasoning blend that's completely salt-free! Whether you're using it for a crockpot roast seasoning, or as a crockpot chicken seasoning mix, it will add outstanding flavor. Use in place of your typical crockpot seasoning packets when making homemade stews or soups that require a slow cooking method.

More Information

Summit County in Colorado is the perfect mountain getaway and is buzzing with activities throughout the year, especially during the snow-white winters. With the temperature being a bit colder up there, what better way to warm up than a hearty bowl of soup or stew? That’s the inspiration behind this seasoning.

  • Soup: Add up to 1 Tbsp. for each quart of broth.
  • Roast Chicken: Rub a whole chicken with 1 tsp. per 1 lb. poultry before roasting or slow cooking.
  • Veggie Dip: Mix 1 Tbsp. with 1 cup sour cream or plain yogurt.
  • Burgers: Mix 1 Tbsp. into 1 lb. ground beef to make 4 burger patties.

Summit County Q&A

How do I use crockpot seasoning?

Add crockpot seasoning to any of your favorite roast recipes that require slow cooking. It's also great to use in soup and stews that require crockpot cooking.

How much crockpot seasoning to use for roasts?

For roasts, we recommend using around 1 teaspoon of crockpot seasoning per 1 pound of roast before putting in the slow cooker.

Why does the crockpot tend to need more seasoning?

The crockpot usually needs more seasoning because the process of slow cooking can sometimes dull out or dilute the flavors of spices & herbs that you've added the longer it takes to cook.

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Black pepper, garlic, tomato powder, red and green bell peppers, garlic, onion, fennel, arrowroot, lemon peel, marjoram, basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano