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Tandoori Seasoning

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Tandoori Seasoning is a salt-free curry-style spice blend that's inspired by the seasonings & flavors of tandoori chicken, a classic South Asian dish where chicken cutlets are marinated in yogurt & spices, then roasted in a tandoor oven. Since most people don't own a tandoor, we created this blend of tandoori powder so you can make a tandoori chicken recipe by using a grill. Try our Tandoori Marinated Grilled Chicken & Sauce recipe using this blend, and serve with jasmine rice and a delicious piece of puffy Naan. 

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Tandoori Seasoning Q&A

What is tandoori seasoning?

Tandoori seasoning, or tandoori masala powder, is a curry-style blend of spices and herbs, like cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, garlic and dried chiles, that are used to season tandoori chicken, a South Asian roasted chicken dish that's quickly made inside an extremely hot tandoor oven.

What does tandoori seasoning taste like?

Tandoori seasoning tastes warm-spiced, peppery and slightly citrusy, with bittersweet and earthy notes.

How do you make tandoori chicken without a tandoor?

You can make tandoori chicken without a tandoor by using a grill, though it will take longer to cook. Check out our recipe for grilling tandoori chicken to try it yourself!

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Cumin, coriander, smoked Spanish sweet paprika, turmeric, garlic, Guajillo chiles, ginger, charnushka, black and green cardamom, black pepper, cloves, mace, Saigon cinnamon and Turkish bay leaves