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Spice & Easy Meal Starter Spice Mixes Are 25% Off With Code EASYSUMMER


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Vindaloo curry powder is a spicy seasoning for making curries, or to add heat to your favorite cuts of meat such as lamb, pork or seafood. Our version of vindaloo seasoning is not as hot as typical vindaloo powder, so that everyone may enjoy the exquisite vindaloo spice flavor. If you prefer your vindaloo flavor to be very hot, add some cayenne to your mix.

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Try using about a tsp. of vindaloo curry seasoning per pound of beef, pork, poultry, or fish. Curry powders can be used to season many dishes; rice, sauces, chicken or seafood salads, vegetables, and soups. To convert powder into a paste simply mix 1 Tbsp. Vindaloo powder with 1 Tbsp. each of water and oil.

Vindaloo Q&A

What is vindaloo?

Vindaloo is a spicy seasoning powder used to make curry that's typically made up of cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, cayenne, cloves, ginger, cumin, coriander, fenugreek, salt, cardamom, black pepper and brown mustard seeds.

How spicy is vindaloo?

Vindaloo spices tend to be quite hot, with a medium-hot heat in overall spiciness. Our blend of Vindaloo curry seasoning is closer to medium heat and is not as hot as typical vindaloo, so if you want the spicier version, we recommend adding extra cayenne pepper.

How do you use vindaloo curry powder when cooking?

Use Vindaloo curry powder seasoning when seasoning your favorite cuts of meat, or add vindaloo to rice, sauces or soups. If you want to make a Vindaloo curry paste, mix equal parts Vindaloo, water and oil.

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Turmeric, Saigon cinnamon, garlic, fenugreek, salt, brown mustard seeds, coriander, cumin, ginger, cayenne, cardamom, black pepper and cloves