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Whole Nutmeg

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Fresh Whole Nutmeg keeps indefinitely. It's commonly used both ground and grated in sweet or savory applications. With desserts or sweets, it's most often used in recipes for cakes, pies, pastries or baked breads. Whole nutmeg typically pairs well alongside anything with ginger or cinnamon in it. In savory foods, nutmeg can be used to season lamb, veal or vegetables. It also goes really well in stews and pasta sauces like a béchamel. 

More Information

Nutmeg can be used in cakes, breads, pastries, fruit dishes and pies. It pairs well with ginger, cinnamon and cloves. When whole nutmeg is used with lamb, mutton, meat stews, spinach dishes, veal, vegetable recipes and even pasta sauces, it pairs well with cumin, coriander, pepper and thyme.

More Uses 

Spiced Snickerdoodles: Add about 1/4 tsp. freshly grated nutmeg to your favorite snickerdoodle recipe.

Spiced Quiche: Grate 3-4 times into egg mixture before baking.

Whole Nutmeg Q&A

How do you use whole nutmeg?

Whole nutmeg can be used in recipes for savory foods or sweet desserts. It's grated or ground before use, and pairs well with ginger and cinnamon as well as pepper and thyme.

How long does fresh whole nutmeg last?

Fresh whole nutmegs can keep indefinitely, if stored correctly.

How do you store fresh nutmeg?

To correctly store fresh nutmeg, keep it in a cool and dry place away from any potential moisture or heat.

How do you grate whole nutmeg?

To grate whole nutmeg, first peel away the outer shell of the nutmeg, then finely grate the seed of the nutmeg by using the same type of grater that you'd use to grate lemon zest.

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