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Our Tax Relief Sale Is On Now! 15% Off $60, Plus Free Shipping With Code TAXDAY15

Yellow Mustard Seeds

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Use our Yellow Mustard Seeds to create your own homemade yellow mustard, or add whole mustard seeds to your pickling blends or shrimp & crap boil recipes. These mustard seeds are a bit more pungent with medium heat & more spice than the flavor of regular yellow mustard typically bought from the grocery store. 

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Raw mustard seeds are an important part of pickling vegetables, and recipes for shrimp and crab boil blends. As with most mustard seeds, dry-roasting them will bring out their aromatic and attractive flavor.

Yellow Mustard Seeds Q&A

Can I substitute yellow mustard seeds for black mustard seeds?

You can substitute black mustard seeds for yellow mustard seeds, but keep in mind that in terms of overall spice and flavor, yellow mustard seeds are more mild compared to black mustard seeds being more spicy and pungent.

Is yellow mustard the same as mustard seed?

Regular yellow mustard is made with mustard seed, but whole mustard seeds tend to be spicier and earthier in flavor than typical yellow mustard.

How do you use yellow mustard seeds in cooking?

Use yellow mustard seeds when pickling vegetables or mixing up a crab or shrimp boil. You can also use whole yellow mustard seeds to make a homemade mustard, regular or whole grain.

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