Brooklyn Everything Bagel Blend

Everything Bagel Blend from Savory Spice

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Medium Jar - $6.99
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Bag Size: 9" x 6"
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American Pantry

Everything bagels are a classic for a reason. Originally created by our Westfield, NJ shop, we've captured that perfect salty, garlicky, oniony blend with specks of poppy and sesame seeds in a tasty ode to a New York staple.

This blend that can (and should) be used on just about, well, everything. Top bagels, focaccia, and other breads before baking. Sprinkle on plain cream cheese or smoked salmon. Use to season omelets, grilled fish, veggies, and more. Mix with breadcrumbs for a flavorful coating for fried foods.




Spice Tips!

More Uses

Everything Avocado Toast: Sprinkle on sliced avocado atop buttered toast.

Everything Kale Chips: Sprinkle on chopped kale tossed in olive oil and baked at 375 degrees for 10-15 min.


Minced garlic, Dutch blue poppy seeds, sea salt, toasted sesame seeds, minced toasted onion, black sesame seeds

Dietary Information

Brooklyn Everything Bagel Blend - Nutrition Facts
Black Pepper-Free

Flavor of Brooklyn Everything Bagel Blend

This salted blend is garlicky, nutty, oniony, and toasted.

Uses of Brooklyn Everything Bagel Blend

Sprinkle over bagels and cream cheese or smoked salmon. Season omelets, grilled fish, and veggies. Top breads before baking, add to omelets, or season grilled fish and veggies.

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