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For the last leg of Chasing BBQ, we head to Kansas City where the sauce is sweet and sticky and burnt ends and pulled pork are done right. That tomato and molasses-based sauce is a big part of what defines KC-style barbecue, and they slather it all kinds of proteins. KC is also great at dishing up creative sides, from potato casserole to apple slaw, the BBQ pros here aren't afraid to experiment.

Barbecue Tips

'Cue Tip #12: Trim the Fat

"In the old days we used to leave all the fat on briskets and skin them after cooking, along with all the seasonings we put on them. As our barbecue knowledge evolved, we learn to trim the fat down ¼ inch before smoking. Now our seasoning can truly penetrate the meat and provide real depth of flavor throughout. So trim your briskets first—before seasoning."

Wayne Kammerl – Pitmaster and Owner of Brisket House, Houston, TX

Mike's Road Journal

Pappy's Smokehouse: St. Louis, MO

The second stop in St. Louis today was at the one and only Pappy's Smokehouse. When we arrived there was a line of at least 30 or so people in front of us. The vibe was cool and the spot had a high energy to it, so it didn't feel like we were in line for much more then 5-10 minutes. Could be that was the case because this joint was a well-oiled barbecue machine. By the time we had made it half way down the line two employees had checked in on us to see if we needed any suggestions or ...
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Pappy's Smokehouse: St. Louis, MO

BBQ Joint Finder

Micklethwait Craft Meats

"Thomas Micklewait - Owner & Pitmaster"

1309 Rosewood Ave Austin, TX 78702

Barbecue Slang

Glue Used in preparing meat for smoking, a binder to hold the dry rub or seasonings to the meat. For example: a 60/40 mixture of yellow mustard and pickle juice. The flavor of the glue will be non-existent after cooking.

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