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For the last leg of Chasing BBQ, we head to Kansas City where the sauce is sweet and sticky and burnt ends and pulled pork are done right. That tomato and molasses-based sauce is a big part of what defines KC-style barbecue, and they slather it all kinds of proteins. KC is also great at dishing up creative sides, from potato casserole to apple slaw, the BBQ pros here aren't afraid to experiment.

Barbecue Tips

'Cue Tip #30: Know Your Smoke

"Knowing your smoke is knowing your fire. Look at the color of the smoke. If it’s not white but gray or dark smoke, that means there is sap in the wood. The whiter the smoke, the purer it’s getting. You can bet your money when you see white, wispy smoke coming out that your wood has broken down. That’s what you want; you don’t wanna see big ol’ logs in there, you wanna see big ol’ red coals in there. Now you’re ready to cook."

Jeff Little – Pitmaster and Owner of Mike & Jeff’s BBQ, Greenville, SC

Mike's Road Journal

City Market: Luling, TX

BONUS STOP! I heard about City Market BBQ in Luling, TX, but didn't think I would have enough time to stop by on this trip. Lucky for you (and me), it was close and I drove down. Boy am I glad that I did. I got there during their very busy lunch rush, so I wasn't able to get a tour but Alex (who was working in their pit room) was generous in letting me take some pics of the pits and him. Just look at those sausage links smoking away (photo below)! Sausage is steadily rising on my pers...
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City Market: Luling, TX

BBQ Joint Finder

Dreamland Bar-B-Que Ribs

"JD - Pitmaster"

5535 15th Ave East, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

Franklin Barbecue

"Aaron Franklin - Pitmaster"

900 E. 11th St. Austin, TX 78702

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CAB Certified Angus beef.

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