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After stopping at 31 barbecue restaurants in the Lone Star state, it’s clear that the best BBQ in Texas is all about the beef. Tasty sausages and beef ribs are plentiful, but brisket is the go-to when you’re craving serious Texas BBQ. For truly authentic regional flavor, start with high quality beef seasoned simply with black pepper and salt so the flavor of the smoked meat stands out. Check out all the great 'Cue Tips, great BBQ joints and of course Texas spices, seasonings, and recipes!

Barbecue Tips

'Cue Tip #23: Easy on the Sugar

"Too much sugar in your rub can cause the meat on the exterior to cook much faster then you want, which will result in meat that looks burnt. Try easing back on the initial amount of rub you use and adding a second coating in the last hour or so of cooking."

Eric Vernon – Co-Owner of The Bar-B-Q Shop, Memphis, TN

Mike's Road Journal

Whole Hog Cafe: North Little Rock, AR

Today I had the great pleasure to meet Rich Cosgrove, the enthusiastic owner of Whole Hog Cafe, along with his wife Nancy. Rich is pretty much a machine. He's a real high energy guy that believes in taking care of his employees in the most conscientious of ways. And in turn, they represent Whole Hog Cafe like owners and take great care to ensure that each and every barbecue lover enjoys their total experience there. I enjoyed mine and their Memphis-style, pecan smoked barbecue. The pig is...
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Whole Hog Cafe: North Little Rock, AR

BBQ Joint Finder

Boarhogs Barbeque

"Roger Owens - Owner & Pitmaster"

2064 C Hwy 72 E, Huntsville, AL 35811

Leonard's Pit Barbecue

"Owner: Dan Brown"

5465 Fox Plaza Dr Memphis, TN 38115

Barbecue Slang

Bend Test (a.k.a. Bounce Test) A method for checking the doneness of ‘low and slow’ smoked ribs. Pick up the rack of ribs with a pair of tongs by the center bones and bounce them slightly. If they are ready, the slab will bow until the meat starts to break away.

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