After stopping at 31 barbecue restaurants in the Lone Star state, it’s clear that the best BBQ in Texas is all about the beef. Tasty sausages and beef ribs are plentiful, but brisket is the go-to when you’re craving serious Texas BBQ. For truly authentic regional flavor, start with high quality beef seasoned simply with black pepper and salt so the flavor of the smoked meat stands out. Check out all the great 'Cue Tips, great BBQ joints and of course Texas spices, seasonings, and recipes!

'Cue Tip #3: Cook! Don't Look

"If you’re looking you’re not cooking! In the age of social media, everyone wants to take pics of what is on their pit and that is just a bad practice. Leave the lid shut and let the magic happen."

Big Ern Servantes – Pit Boss of Burnt Bean Co. BBQ Competition & Catering Team, New Braunfels, TX; winner of Chopped Grill Masters

Pitmaker: Houston, TX

For my second stop of the day I was lucky enough to meet Victor, George, Julio, and the rest of the crew at Pitmaker, a company that makes custom BBQ trailers, backyard BBQ smoker pits, and BBQ grills. Immediately I knew that these guys liked to have fun, but they're serious about their pits and their barbecue. The pits I expected, but the barbecue not so much. They compete at BBQ events throughout the year and one of our own Savory employees (hi William!) in Houston is a member of their te...
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Southside Market & Barbecue

"Robert "Pony" Wells - Pitmaster"

1212 Hwy 290 E. Elgin, TX 78621

Roegels Barbecue Co.

"Russell Roegels - Owner & Pitmaster"

2223 S. Voss Houston, TX 77057

Hot n' Fast Refers to cooking over direct, radiant high heat (usually an open flame) at temperatures over 350°F. Cooking at these temps requires you to turn the meat more often, to prevent burning.