After stopping at 31 barbecue restaurants in the Lone Star state, it’s clear that the best BBQ in Texas is all about the beef. Tasty sausages and beef ribs are plentiful, but brisket is the go-to when you’re craving serious Texas BBQ. For truly authentic regional flavor, start with high quality beef seasoned simply with black pepper and salt so the flavor of the smoked meat stands out. Check out all the great 'Cue Tips, great BBQ joints and of course Texas spices, seasonings, and recipes!

'Cue Tip #2: Master Your Fire

"Before you can master barbecuing you need to master fire building and fire management. Building proper fires takes practice. You’ll know you are on the right path when your fires produce a clean, white, wispy smoke rather than a big, billowy cloud of smoke."

Tim Rattray – Pitmaster and Co-Owner of The Granary “Cue & Brew, San Antonio, TX

The Slow Bone: Dallas, TX

Before I even shook hands with Jack Perkins, the owner of The Slow Bone in Dallas, Texas, I could see that I was going to enjoy chatting it up with him for a few minutes. He's the kind of guy who puts off a cool, welcoming, laid back vibe. But don't let the laid back vibe fool you, this guy understands the science behind the barbecuing process. He walked me through how they figured out the way they needed to barbecue in order to put out great 'cue without having to have someone ma...
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Grand Champion BBQ

"Greg Vivier, Robert Owens & Anne Owens - Co-Owners"

4401 Shallowford Rd, Roswell, GA 30075

Chuck Wagon BBQ

"Mike Holley - Owner & Pitmaster"

8982 Madison Blvd, Madison, AL 35758

3-2-1 Ribs An easy-to-remember method for cooking ribs. Three hours in the smoker at 225 degrees; followed by two hours wrapped in foil with a little liquid in the smoker; and cooking for one hour, unwrapped at a higher temperature like 300 degrees, with optional basting.